Parking and private transport upgrades

We are constantly upgrading and extending our parking and transport infrastructure to meet the future needs of our growing passenger base and our commercial tenancies.


Brisbane Airport has recently opened:

  • One of the largest multi-level parking facilities in the southern hemisphere
  • A new elevated Skywalk connecting the parking buildings, access roads and the Domestic Terminal
  • Improved access roads and waiting areas for private vehicles, taxis, buses and coaches
  • A new e-tolling system to enable free-flowing movement of taxis, limousines and buses through the terminal access roads


In the coming years we will be delivering more upgrades, including:

  • Further expansions of rental car storage and operational areas
  • New parking areas to support commercial developments.


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Opened in 2012, the new Multi-Level Car Park at our domestic terminal connects directly to the terminal via an elevated skywalk and features an impressive artwork by artist Ned Kahn that includes over 117,000 moving parts.



Brisbane Airport boasts a highly efficient transport hub that allows passengers to use various transport options to get to and from the airport easily.

Brisbane Airport background