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About this website

Web Accessibility


Where possible, the Brisbane Airport website has been designed to satisfy Priority 1 and Priority 2 of the checkpoints from Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


Web Standards


The Brisbane Airport website has been designed with web standards in mind. Where possible, it conforms to the W3C HTML5 (working draft) and CSS standards specifications.


Recommended Web Browsers


To best represent the intended visual presentation, we recommended that the Brisbane Airport website should be viewed on modern, desktop web browsers. Below are some recommendations:



There isn't a mobile version of the website, however the full website functions well on modern mobile platforms, such as the Apple iPhone or Google Android.


Use of Adobe Flash


For some content, the Brisbane Airport website utilises the Adobe Flash browser plugin. Adobe Flash is used for interactive maps and animated banners.


Use of PDFs (Adobe Reader)


Some content is downloadable as a PDF, which can be viewed in Adobe Reader (on Windows) or Preview (on Mac OS X).