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Aviation & Terminal Operations

Brisbane Airport | Aviation Charges


The current Terms and Conditions (including charges) are available here:


Historical Information

The original notice advising of the Terms & Conditions (including charges) applying from 1 July 2012 for Aviation Services is available here (original notice).

*The Terms and Conditions referred to in the original notice are superseded by the current Terms and Conditions at the top of this page.

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Brisbane Airport | Terminal Operations Procedures

The Terminal Operations Procedures document (TOP) has been prepared to provide operational information to airlines and their handling agents using either of the following "Common User" facilities at Brisbane Airport:


  • the International Terminal; or
  • the Domestic Common User Terminal; or
  • (3) Any common use aircraft aprons at the Domestic Terminal, International Terminal, Logistics Apron, GA Apron;
  • (4) Any taxiways used from time to time for layover aircraft.


Terminals' Operations Procedure (TOP) - PDF


Qantas Airways Domestic Terminal and the Virgin Australia Domestic Terminal are controlled by respective airlines. Each of these areas is leased to the airline by Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC). Accordingly, operational queries or issues relating to those terminals should be directed to the relevant airline.


Ground Handling Conditions

Brisbane Airport's ground handling conditions are detailed in the Apron Servicing Licence document. Any operator wishing their employees to conduct ground servicing on common user aprons are required to hold an Apron Servicing Licence.


Apron Servicing Licence - PDF



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