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Biodiversity and Conservation

Information about the biodiversity on Brisbane Airport land and existing conservation programs.

Biodiversity and conservation

The Brisbane Airport lies between Kedron Brook Floodway to the west, Boggy Creek to the south and the Brisbane River to the east. The northern boundary of the Airport forms the shoreline of Bramble Bay, one of three embayments that form the western perimeter of Moreton Bay. The Airport site is characterised by topography with very little surface relief and low surface elevations.

Brisbane Airport is situated on a reclaimed portion of a river delta at the mouth of the Brisbane River. Areas of environmental value adjacent to the airport include:

  • Moreton Bay Marine Park (to the north) sections of which are Ramsar declared wetlands;
  • Boondall Wetlands (across Kedron Brook Floodway to the west) which are Ramsar declared and on the Register of the National Estate;
  • Marine habitat of Jacksons Creek (areas on and off airport leased land on the eastern bank of Kedron Brook Floodway) which is documented in the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia;
  • Mangrove and saltmarsh communities around Serpentine Creek Inlet and Jubilee Creek mouth (to the north-east, parts of which are within BAC tenure); and
  • Bulwer Island and Boggy Creek wetlands (to the east) of which the Brisbane Airport site comprises the major portion of the catchment draining into these wetlands.


Environmentally Significant Areas (ESAs)

The designated Brisbane Airport Biodiversity Zone occupies around 10% of the airport’s total area. It is made up of a combination of grasslands, mangroves and intertidal sand flats. There are four ESAs on Brisbane Airport, all of which are continuously monitored:

  • A community of uncommon mangroves around Serpentine Creek that are connected to the Brisbane River Wetlands,
  • Mangrove habitat adjacent to the Pinkenba Community
  • Remnant mangroves that contribute to the wider habitat value and productivity of the fisheries of Moreton Bay
  • An area of grassland home to the Lewin’s Rail



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