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The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Major Development Plan (MDP)


The New Parallel Runway (NPR) proposal activated two major pieces of Commonwealth legislation – the Airports Act 1996 (Airports Act) and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).


To fulfil the requirements of both Acts, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) developed a combined document, a Major Development Plan (MDP) under the Airports Act and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) under the EPBC Act for presentation to the public.


As such, BAC prepared and submitted to the community for comment, and then submitted to the Australian Government, an assessment of the expected economic, social and environmental impacts of the New Parallel Runway project.


The EIS/MDP discussed in detail a range of social, environmental and economic issues as required by the EIS Guidelines prepared and issued to BAC by the then Australian Government Department of Environment and Heritage.


The EIS/MDP was approved by the Australian Government on 18 September 2007.


The EIS/MDP was prepared in four separate volumes:


Background and Need

Volume A – Background and Need


Volume A of the EIS/MDP contains an overview of the NPR project.


It looks at the history of Brisbane Airport and the circumstances, over the years, that led BAC to put forward the proposal to build a new runway, including the options and alternatives that were considered.


In this Volume, the NPR project is described, including its layout and construction, method and timing. In addition, the methods by which BAC reached and informed the community and other stakeholders about the project in the lead up to and during the Public Comment Period are also outlined.


The EIS/MDP has been prepared in pdf files that require Acrobat Reader to view, print or download.


Download Chapters from Volume A – Background and Need


Chapter A1: Background (1.9 MB file)

Chapter A2: Need for the Project (1.3 MB file)

Chapter A3: Options and Alternatives (3.1 MB file)

Chapter A4: Project Description: Runway Layout (4.1 MB file)

Chapter A5: Project Description: Runway Construction (2.8 MB file)

Chapter A6: Public Engagement (712 KB file)

Chapter A7: Sustainability (594 KB file)

Airport and Surrounds

Volume B - Airport and Surrounds


This Volume of the EIS/MDP reports on “ground level” aspects of the NPR project, assessing impacts on airport land, its fringes and surrounding areas, as well as socio-economic impacts. The Volume concludes with a framework for the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that summarises the best practice management strategies, measures and monitoring requirements that will be applied to the project.


The areas covered in this Volume include:

  • Airport land.
  • Areas immediately to the west comprising open space along Kedron Brook Floodway, the southern extent of the Boondall Wetlands and parts of the suburbs of Nudgee Beach, Banyo and Northgate.
  • Areas immediately to the north comprising Bramble Bay, which is part of the Moreton Bay Marine Park.
  • The northern bank of the Brisbane River that is adjacent to and east of the Airport including industrial and residential land, as well as the Luggage Point Waste Water Treatment Plant.
  • The southern boundary of the Airport bounded by the Gateway Motorway, the Australia TradeCoast region and various suburbs that contain a mix of residential, commercial and industrial land uses.
  • Major infrastructure projects in the local region such as the Gateway Upgrade Project (GUP).


The EIS/MDP has been prepared in pdf files that require Acrobat Reader to view, print or download.


Download Chapters from Volume B – Airport and Surrounds

Chapter B1: Context and Project Description (1.5 MB file)

Chapter B2: Land Use and Planning (3.8 MB file)

Chapter B3: Geology, Soils and Groundwater ( 6.7 MB file)

Chapter B4: Coastal Processes and Natural Features (1.3 MB file)

Chapter B5: Terrestrial and Marine Ecology (2.4 MB file)

Chapter B6: Cultural Heritage (1.1 MB file)

Chapter B7: Surface Hydrology (1.8MB file)

Chapter B8: Water Quality (2.3 MB file)

Chapter B9: Social Impact Assessment (1.1 MB file)

Chapter B10: Surface Transport (2.8 MB file)

Chapter B11: Construction and Traffic Noise (707 KB file)

Chapter B12: Construction and Traffic Air Emissions (1.7 MB file)

Chapter B13: Landscape and Visual (2.2 MB file)

Chapter B14: Environmental Management Framework (720 KB file)

Middle Banks, Moreton Bay

Volume C - Middle Banks, Moreton Bay


This Volume of the EIS/MDP reports on investigations linked to the dredging of 15 million cubic metres of sand from Middle Banks in Moreton Bay.


The EIS/MDP has been prepared in pdf files that require Acrobat Reader to view, print or download.


Download Chapters from Volume C – Middle Banks, Moreton Bay

Chapter C1: Context and Project Description (1.3 MB file)

Chapter C2: Geology and Soils (870 KB file)

Chapter C3: Coastal Processes and Natural Features (2.8 MB file)

Chapter C4: Water Quality (1.4 MB file)

Chapter C5: Marine Ecology (1.6 MB file)

Chapter C6: Cultural Heritage (811 KB file)

Chapter C7: Social Impact Assessment (572 KB file)

Chapter C8: Landscape and Visual (779 KB file)

Chapter C9: Dredge Management Plan (1.8 MB file)


Volume D - Airspace


This Volume of the EIS/MDP reports on “Airspace“ aspects of the NPR project, assessing changes to the airspace architecture to accommodate the new runway, including changes to flight paths and community exposure to aircraft noise, as well as the potential impacts of aircraft emissions on the local and regional air quality.


The safe, efficient and environmentally responsible movement of aircraft in and out of Brisbane Airport is a fundamental objective of the operation of the airport. Flight paths, air traffic management and the operating modes for the airport runway system play an integral part in fulfilling this objective.


The NPR will necessitate changes to the current arrangements at Brisbane Airport. In developing the new system of operation, community expectations for the best possible outcomes for safety, efficiency and the environmental effects were taken into account.


The areas that are covered in Volume D of the EIS/MDP include:

  • Airspace Architecture. This section provides a description of the current airspace with respect to air traffic management and the changes to the airspace and flight paths required to accommodate the NPR. This section also includes options for some new flight paths.
  • Noise Modelling Methodology and Noise Assessment. These sections explain how noise was modelled and provide a comprehensive assessment of current noise exposure and the changes to aircraft noise associated with increased aviation activity.


The EIS/MDP has been prepared in pdf files that require Acrobat Reader to view, print or download.


Download Chapters from Volume D – Airspace

Chapter D1: Volume Overview (467 KB file)

Chapter D2: Background to Airspace Architecture (4.3 MB file)

Chapter D3: Airspace Architecture (2 MB file)

Chapter D4: Noise Modelling Methodology (1.6 MB file)

Chapter D5: Noise Assessment (7.2 MB file)

Chapter D6: Air Emissions (26 MB file)

Chapter D7: Health Impact Assessment (866 KB file)

Chapter D8: Hazards & Risks of Airport Operations (813 KB file)

Chapter D9: Social Impact Assessment (2.9 MB file)

Chapter D10: Operational Noise Management Plan (607 KB file)


Supplementary Report


In April 2007, Brisbane Airport Corporation released the Supplementary Report to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Major Development Plan for the New Parallel Runway project. The Supplementary Report addresses all comments received during the public comment period from 1 November 2006 to 6 February 2007. Together, the Draft EIS/MDP and the Supplementary Report formed the Final EIS for the project.


To download the Supplementary Report in sections, click below to choose the section you wish to view:

Introduction (400Kb file)

Responses - Volume A (1.3Mb file)

Responses - Volume B (350Kb file)

Responses - Volume C (220Kb file)

Responses - Volume D (3.1Mb file)

Appendix (4Mb file)


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Minor Variation to the Major Development Plan for the NPR


The Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, following a consultation and public comment period, has approved the Minor Variation to the Major Development Plan (MDP) for the New Parallel Runway (NPR) project at Brisbane Airport (Minor Variation).


You can download a copy free of charge by clicking this link.


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