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Disability Access

Disability Access


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) aims to provide facilities that promote accessibility for all members of the community, including passengers and visitors with disabilities or special needs.


The Brisbane Airport Disability Access Facilitation Plan confirms BAC's commitment to providing accessible services and facilities; and relates to all areas operated and managed by BAC.


  • Disability Access Fact Sheet E-text


A summary of the Disability Access Facilitation Plan is also available in Braille and large print format upon request to the BAC receptionist, please phone +61 7 3406 3000 during business hours.


Please note: If you require personal assistance to/from your flight and through the security/border agencies process, it is important you advise your airline prior to your arrival at the airport so they can make the necessary arrangements.



How you can help


Prior to Arriving at the Airport

The wellbeing of all passengers and visitors to Brisbane Airport is our highest priority. To assist in the provision of the best service available, passengers are asked to advise their airline or travel agent when making a flight booking, of any assistance required at the airport. Your airline or travel agent can then make any necessary arrangements, for example, book a wheelchair or reserve a specific seating requirement for a guide dog.


It is also important to check if medical clearance is required by the airline for your specific circumstances. Each airline has different guidelines on the carriage of people with reduced mobility and requirements for additional assistance.


Arriving at the Airport

Please ensure that you arrive at the airport in plenty of time before your flight. Your travel agent or airline will advise the check-in time for your flight.


Passenger pick-up and drop-off

Passenger pick-up and drop-off facilities are in place at Brisbane Airport's International and Domestic Terminals. Services provided by airlines include the loan of wheelchairs for use within the terminal and to board/disembark aircraft. Passengers must request this service with their airline.


At the Domestic Terminal:

Designated drop-off bays are allocated on the Departures/Drop Off Road of the Terminals to facilitate wheelchair transfer for passengers. These accessible parking bays allow drivers to park for up to 30 minutes and assist passengers with disabilities from the terminal.


At the International Terminal:

Designated pick-up and drop-off bays are located on the Level 4 Departures Road of the International Terminal. This space allows drivers and passengers with disabilities to stop for up to five minutes. If you require more time you must speak with the Kerbside Officer who will provide further information.


For more drop-off and pick-up time there is accessible parking available near the lift wells on Level 2 – 5 of the Multi-Level car park. Book your parking online and save.




Designated accessible car parking bays are conveniently located in each car park at Brisbane Airport.



In the car parks at both the Domestic and International Terminals, the dedicated accessible parking bays are located as close as possible to the terminals. These bays are clearly marked and are restricted for vehicles displaying a valid Disability Parking Permit.



Lifts are available at the Domestic Terminal on all levels as well as to the Skywalk, Departures/Drop-Off Road and car parks. It is strongly recommended that passengers with mobility issues use the lifts rather than travelators, escalators or stairs.


Similarly lifts are available to all levels of the International Terminal as well as the car parks. It is strongly recommended that passengers with mobility issues use the lifts rather than travelators, escalators or stairs.


Toilet Facilities

Public toilets are located throughout the Domestic and International Terminals. Each toilet facility includes an accessible toilet.


Guide Dog Toilet Facilities 

Toilet and watering facilities for assistance animals have now been commissioned and are in use at the International Terminal and Common User area for Domestic Terminal. These  facilities will be available for use for guide dogs transiting. International Terminal facilities are located on Level 3 Departures and Domestic Terminal on Level 2 in the Common Use Area. 



Wheelchairs are available on request for passengers to use within the terminals, subject to availability from your airline. Please contact your airline prior to your arrival at Brisbane Airport to arrange this.