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To & From Brisbane Airport

Passenger Drop-Off


The passenger drop off point is located on the Level 4 Departures Road in front of the terminal.


Passenger Pick-Up has changed from 23 November 2017


There is a new Passenger Pick-Up area at the International Terminal that delivers more space for cars and a safer environment for the pick-up of passengers.


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q. Why has it changed?

Changes have been made in the interest of safety and to reduce congestion on the Level 2 Arrivals roadway, as demand on this road is exceeding capacity especially during peak times. The new Passenger Pick-Up area increases the number of pick-up spaces from 3 to 16.


Q. How long will it take me to walk from Arrivals to the Passenger Pick-Up area?

The walk is around 100 metres and takes around three minutes at a comfortable stroll. It is approximately the same distance as walking to the Multi-Level Car Park.


Q. What if I am picking up someone elderly or with special needs?

Accessible pick-up and drop-off is now located on the Level 4 Departures Road. Here's more accessibility information.


Q. Why is it only 10 minutes?

This area is a dedicated pick-up area, not a waiting area. The Passenger Pick-Up is free for up to 10 minutes. During peak times (typically 7-11am and 6-8pm) the boom gates will be open and the area manned by kerbside officers to keep traffic flowing. 

If you are looking for somewhere to wait, we recommend pulling into the BNE Service Centre or the Kingsford Smith Memorial and only entering the pick up area when your passengers are ready for collection.


Q. Is the new Passenger Pick-Up area covered?

The majority of the Passenger Pick-Up area is sheltered from the rain and sun. A cover for the walk-way is currently in planning.


Q. Can I still go in and meet my passengers in the terminal?

Of course, you are still able to meet and greet your family and friends in the Arrivals Hall. No changes here.


Q. What about if I need to catch other transport (taxi, bus and rideshare)?

Taxis and terminal transfer services are still operating from Level 2 Arrivals Road. There is no change to rideshare and shuttle service pick-up which is located at the southern end (towards the city) of the terminal and can be accessed by taking the ramp to the pick up zone.


For passengers:

  • Once you have cleared Customs, collected your luggage and make your way out to the Arrivals Hall, follow the green signage to the Passenger Pick-Up area.
  • Take the lifts or travelators down to Level 1 and continue to follow the Passenger Pick-Up signage outside and along the pathway to the right.
  • Cross at the pedestrian crossing and make your way to the Passenger Pick-Up kerbside zone to wait for your driver.


For drivers:

It is important to note that you should only enter the Passenger Pick-Up area when your passengers are ready and waiting at the kerb for collection. The ‘Passenger Pick-Up’ area is not a waiting area.

  • From Airport or Moreton Drive, make your way through the roundabout and keep to the left of the ramp. As you drive towards the International Terminal move into the green Passenger Pick-Up lane.
  • During peak and other busy times – typically 7 to 11am and 6 to 8pm daily - kerbside officers will be onsite at the ‘Passenger Pick-Up’ Area to keep traffic flowing.
  • Drivers are not permitted to stop, other than to collect passengers that are ready and waiting at the kerb.
  • Outside of peak times, when the entry gates are activated, drivers can remain within the ‘Passenger Pick-Up’ area for up to 10 minutes free of charge. After 10 minutes, fees will apply.
  • Drivers can enter and exit the ‘Passenger Pick-Up’ area as many times as they like and will not be charged if their stay is under 10 minutes on each occasion.
  • For security reasons, drivers should remain with their vehicles at all times.




Accessible Drop-Off and Pick-Up


Drop-off and pick-up for passengers with accessible needs is via the Level 4 Departures Road.


This space allows drivers and passengers with disabilities to stop for up to five minutes. If you require more time you must speak with the Kerbside Officer who will provide further information.


For more drop-off and pick-up time there is accessible parking available on Levels 1 – 5 of the Multi-Level car park in the following locations:

  • Level 1 accessible parking can be accessed via Park Valet entry.
  • Level 2 - 5 accessible parking is located near the lifts on each floor.
  • Book your parking online and save.


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